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We’d like to welcome Rhonnie Smith to the Bedford County Economic Development Authority representing District 1. Mr. Smith believes that economic development is the life blood of any municipality and that growth in good paying jobs provides the existing population opportunities for a better standard of living, gives people on welfare an opportunity to better their lives, and facilitates the means for population growth, which all result in higher tax revenues for the County.

“I’d like to see Bedford County attract more manufacturing and technical companies to locate here,” he said. “By using the Susie G. Gibson Science and Technology Center and enhanced technical training opportunities available in the County, we can use these assets to our advantage at attracting more businesses.”

Rhonnie Smith earned his degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, and retired as President of BWXT.  He now lives at Smith Mountain Lake and enjoys the quality of life he has found during his time here in Bedford County. “I am excited to be able to assist Bedford County grow.”