Lady standing in farm field in between two dark cows

Bedford County has a thriving agricultural industry.

Agriculture is Bedford County’s largest industry with $26.4 million in annual farm sales alone.

With 211,087 acres of farmland and 1,418 farms, Bedford County is home to a strong agriculture industry (and a growing local food movement) with more than $26.4 million in annual farm sales (*2017 U.S. Census figure) and 1,547 ag-based jobs.

Quick Farm Facts

  • The most valuable commodity is cattle & calves
  • 43.4% of all land in Bedford County is used for Farming
  • The average Bedford County farm is 149 Acres.

Farm Facts

The Bedford Grown program is a method for consumers, retailers, restaurants, farmers markets, and wholesalers to identify and promote locally grown produce or goods.
Bedford Grown

The Agriculture Service Providers is a listing designed to support and promote the many resources available though our agri business community.
Ag Service Providers