Key benefits of locating in Bedford County

  • Virginia is a “Right to Work” state with low union activity.
  • Major markets like Washington D.C., New York City and Atlanta are all within a day’s drive.
  • Strategically positioned between two MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas), helping you draw from a potential workforce of well over 400,000 people.
  • Real estate tax rates are just $0.41 per $100 assessed value.
  • Business tax rates are well below the national average.
  • Overall business costs are below the national average.
  • No Merchant’s Capital Tax.
  • No Business License Tax in Bedford County.
  • Cooperative, business-friendly local government, and Board.
  • Great public school system with excellent achievement scores.
  • Foreign Trade Zone member.
  • Enterprise and Technology Zones, plus local incentives.
  • Two Opportunity Zones within the County
  • Four inter-regional highways with U.S. 460 connecting with I-81 near Roanoke.
Crane at Construction site

A cooperative, pro-business local government

Government attitude toward business and industry is one of cooperation and support—as evidenced by a long-running revenue-sharing agreement and shared responsibilities for economic development between the Town of Bedford and Bedford County.

The Town operates under a Town Manager with a Town Council as its guiding body. A Board of Supervisors governs the County and employs a County Administrator as Chief Administrative Officer.

Downtown flag in front of Bedford County Courthouse