Diverse incentives available

When you locate to Bedford County, the Office of Economic Development will guide you through all local, regional, state, and national incentives that may apply, based on your jobs, investment and other factors.

Bedford County Incentives

Bedford County’s incentive program can offer a new or expanding company financial assistance associated with a start-up, relocation, or expansion project. Our incentives can help companies free up business capital at a time when it is most urgently needed. In return, the locality gains the benefit from an increased tax base with machinery and tools, real estate, and additional jobs/payroll in the community. Consequently, the annual payroll impact will be considered as part of any potential incentive proposal.

Some of the types of incentives that have been offered through the Bedford County Economic Development Authority include:
  • Assistance with utility fees and expenses
  • Delivery of infrastructure to a site or building (water, sewer, roads, fiber optic cable, etc.)
  • Reduced price of buildings or sites
  • Lease rates that may be below market value or graduated over a period of time
  • Assistance with site plans, engineering costs, or grading
  • Cash grants or combinations of state and local grant programs
Specific grants and incentives include:

See the EDA Incentive Guidelines here and contact the Office of Economic Development to learn more.

Bedford County Seal on side of Building

State Incentives

The Commonwealth of Virginia offers a Growth and Opportunity Fund, as well as many other incentive programs for eligible companies. Our office will work with you to identify all the incentives and financial advantages for your company to locate or expand here.

Among these potential state incentives, programs include: