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New product quickly disinfects critical gear, equipment and personal items to guard against COVID-19.

Forest, Virginia— LiteSheet Solutions, the Bedford County company that produces long lasting, energy efficient and driverless, AC-direct LED lighting and dimming solutions, is bringing its proprietary technology to the COVID-19 fight. The company’s LED UV-C Disinfecting Cabinet is designed to decontaminate contents from harmful viruses and bacteria while providing a safe environment for the workplace. By optimally positioning UV-C LED modules inside the cabinet to eliminate blind spots, contents are disinfected within minutes.

“This new technology is a game-changer disinfecting a wide variety of materials,” says Roger Whyte, President and CEO of LiteSheet. “Potential applications include office, medical, education, repair, entertainment, restaurant equipment, tools and even sporting goods.”

By optimally positioning UV-C LED modules inside the cabinet to eliminate blind spots, contents are quickly disinfected effectively and safely. Additional safety features have also been installed including a digital timer and an interlock cabinet door to ensure the UV-C modules cannot be powered on until the cabinet door is securely closed.

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About LiteSheet

LiteSheet is a manufacturer of next generation lighting technologies and is located in Bedford County, Virginia. They are pioneers and innovators of the first-ever U.S. patented adapted AC direct technology. Developed and designed a way to eliminate the DC power source in lighting products. The company’s visionary approach has paved the way to greater efficiency and reliability when sustainability is paramount.