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L to R: Chapel, Melody, Johnny, and Creek Divers Photo credit: Melissa Williamson

The Bedford County Board of Supervisors recently appointed Melody Divers to represent District 6 on the Bedford County Agriculture Economic Development Advisory Board (Ag Board).

Mrs. Divers is the co-owner of Chapel Creek Farms in Montvale and serves as its chief marketer and event planner. When asked why she would like to serve on the Ag Board she said, “I want the legacy and opportunity of an agriculture lifestyle to continue to be a realistic legacy for my family and other Bedford County families.”

Driven by her educator mindset after serving as a teacher for 15 years in Bedford County, she has transferred those skills to the family farm. She and her husband, Johnny, have two sons, Chapel (12) and Creek (15) who already have their own cattle operation with plans for expanding. “I don’t want ‘the farm’ to be something talked about in the past tense as folks reminiscently chat about the ‘old days’,” she said. “I want the farm to be current, active, and beaming with life, and I want the legacy of the farm life for this generation and beyond.”

The Ag Board was established by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors in 2007. Its mission: to develop and implement a continuing plan to sustain and enhance Bedford’s rural economy, including support for farms, dairies, cattle operations, and other industries.

Mrs. Divers is filling an unexpired term due to the recent resignation of long-term member, Pam Willoughby. Mrs. Willoughby served on the Ag Board since the board was created in 2007, and recently resigned due to health reasons.

For more information about the Bedford County Ag Board visit: