Foreign Trade Zone #238 (via the Virginia TradePort)

Bedford County became an affiliate of Foreign Trade Zone #238 through the New River Valley Alliance in 2012, allowing our international companies the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits where possible:

  • Delay payment of U.S. Customs duties until goods leave the zone to enter U.S. markets.
  • Pay duty only on the value of imported components when a company uses a combination of domestic and imported materials to manufacture or process goods within the zone.
  • Reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs duties and fees on goods that a company re‐exports.
  • Hold excess goods in the zone to avoid import quota restrictions, and release them during the next quota period.
  • Transfer in‐bond merchandise between zones for manufacturing and defer duty.
  • Pay reduced or no duties on nonconforming, damaged, or scrapped goods.

Please contact the Bedford County Office of Economic Development for further details about the Foreign Trade Zone agreement and how it may help your company.