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For immediate release from Bedford County Administrator Robert Hiss:
March 18, 2020

Bedford County Coronavirus State of Emergency

This week, representatives of Bedford County government participated in more internal meetings in reaction to and planning for the unfolding coronavirus pandemic.  Due to the National and State emergencies, as well as the Governor’s declaration to limit gatherings to 10 people or less, Bedford County has officially issued a State of Emergency and declaration of a local disaster.  This resolution formally states the intention of the Board of Supervisors and local government to address all appropriate actions to lessen the impact on the community and citizens.  This action may also provide the opportunity to seek as yet unstated services and benefits from both the state and federal government should such be available.

A goal of the county government is to ensure a continued and efficient provision of services to its’ citizens. However, to ensure both the health of citizens and our employees, it is highly encouraged that citizens use other means to conduct government business rather than face to face interaction.  The county is implementing a minimal staffing policy, so very few employees will be present at their respective offices, as significant work will occur from home.

Payment of taxes, fees, and bills may be accomplished through online access, via U.S. mail, or by use of the secure “drop box” located at the front of the County Administration Building. Other services (such as applications for various permits, licenses, and legal forms) may be fulfilled by use of telephone, e-mail communication or can be found on the County website.  Please call the appropriate office and their staff can direct you to the proper online resource.  For those who need to work with our Community Development Office, you can visit our new online permitting system thru the Citizen Self Service Portal to submit various required forms and make payment.

Although going outside to get fresh air and enjoying the springtime weather is beneficial, there appears to be a myth that if you are outside, you are safe from the virus.  If you are outside and if you are interacting with many people at once, then you are endangering yourself and those who are in contact with you.  We urge citizens to comply the President’s and Governor’s declaration of 10 people or less congregating in one space.  We will continue to monitor use, but if necessary, Bedford County will take actions to restrict access to public park facilities for public health purposes.

For local government updates and information regarding the coronavirus pandemic, please visit the Bedford County website here:

Citizens are also encouraged to visit the links below for the most current information. Additionally, you are encouraged to seek official sources of information and avoid non-official sources such as those often posted on social media.